a micro-consultancy

We're living in a connected world.

Caelisco embodies this philosophy by creating and managing partnerships with other companies that help bare the load, enabling each company to focus on their core capability.


We help manage - from software design to software development, Caelisco is your trusted interface into our partner network of talented designers and developers. We work with you, and them, at every step of the way.


Expert advice - experimental in design; crafting an experience an effort to provide expert advice in building your company. Caelisco applies real world models and frameworks to help design and develop small businesses - with a firm belief that small businesses empower our economy. We want to be part of that economy, helping to guide and shift your business into a prosperous time. 


Coaching and mentorship - with a passion for people, Caelisco provides consulting services to help unlock the potential of your business. With the GEM report indicating that early stage start ups typically fail within the first 2 to 3 years of existance, it's important to get the right support structures in place. Caelisco has a passion for wanting to see people succeed, and in doing so, help businesses succeed.


Technology is our passion

Customised R&D focused around technological solutions. Most of these products are developed in-house specifically for Caelisco and the other products it is involved in creating.

Caelisco also undertakes research surveys to build a better understanding of people, and companies.


Strategy consulting for smaller firms

With a large experience base to draw upon, Caelisco provides consulting services to small to medium sized businesses. Whether its a strategic campaign, marketing, digital design and development - Caelisco can help!

And what we can't deliver ourselves, we have a great partner network of companies to leverage off of.


Business and personal coaching

Caelisco looks to unlocking potential in both business and personal development.
We use tools built from academic theory, as well as several of our own in-house developed tools.


Help manage your digital solution

Having spent the better part of our careers as developers, Caelisco provides you with top-notch management of your digital projects.